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Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Luna Display vs. Duet Display True Display Recognition. The Mac recognizes Luna as a real display, which means you'll get robust and reliable... Full, Native Retina Resolutions. Luna Display can drive all iPads at the full, native Retina resolutions for Macs that... Complete GPU Acceleration..

Luna Display und Duet vs. Apples Sidecar: Wie der Sherlock-Effekt kreativ macht Apple übernimmt Feature von Drittanbietern. Das ist exakt die Funktionalität, die kleine Entwickler-Studios wie Duet... Dritt-Anbieter differenzieren ihre Produkte weiter. Weder Duet noch Astro HQ geben indes klein. Luna Display und Duet vs. Apples Sidecar: Wie der Sherlock-Effekt kreativ macht. Die Nutzung des iPad als zweiter Bildschirm ist keine Erfindung von Apple. Vielmehr geht die neue macOS-Funktion. Duet und Luna Display sind aber nicht allein: Kritik kam laut Appleinsider aber auch vom Entwickler des Tools PCalc, einer beliebten Rechner-App. Die seit 1992 verfügbare App ist aktuell bereits. The makers of Duet Display and Luna on life after Apple's Sidecar. Brian Heater. 4:47 PM PDT • June 7, 2019. Of all of the WWDC announcements this week, Sidecar got me the most excited. I'm. It's a little pricey, but if you want better support for multi-touch gestures or the ability to use your iPad as the primary display, it's a much better option. Because Luna Display physically plugs into your Mac, it's able to recognize your iPad as a true second display

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  1. Luna holt den Mac auf das iPad. Der große Unterschied zu Apps: Luna Display bindet das iPad als vollwertigen Bildschirm ein. Gegenüber Duet, einer reinen Softwarelösung, hat dies gleich mehrere.
  2. Duet Display is a clever software app that allows users to convert an iPad into a second display for their Mac just by plugging it in, but it was never the same seamless experience that a real external monitor offered. Now, with the latest macOS 10.14.2 update, Duet can finally enable full hardware acceleration
  3. Luna Display has been able to do the same thing using a hardware dongle. Duet Display is now catching up with its competitor by releasing this update. Version 2.0 is a free update. Make sure to..
  4. We made sure to run the latest version of the software, which included: Luna Display 3.0. Duet Display (Mac:, iPad: 2.0.9) Air Display 3.2. All software was configured to run at the highest quality setting when available, so that means 60FPS, highest quality unless otherwise noted

Duet Display ist eine gute Alternative, sollten Ihre eigenen Geräte Sidecar nicht unterstützten. Mit einem Preis ab knapp 11 Euro ist die App günstiger als der Konkurrent Luna Display. Die App. Apps like Duet Display and Luna Display have been offering this type of functionality for years. Luna Display, in particular, is great for turning your iPad into a second, interactive wireless display for your Mac. You just need the hardware accessory. Though Sidecar is free with macOS Catalina, are there reasons to choose Luna Display instead Unlike Duet Display, there is no WiFi support, which means, it will only work within a range of few meters. Also, both iPad and Mac should be under the same iCloud account. Once connected, you can use your iPad as a mirrored desktop or secondary display. Of course, it also supports Apple Pencil. However, most of you won't be able to use this feature yet. You need to be running the latest. In quick tests against Duet Display, Luna was faster, more responsive, and rendered a better quality screen — all while wireless. (What's more, if you want even faster performance, you can always connect your iPad to a second port on your Mac.

While Duet Display is primarily intended to use your iPad as a second monitor, Astropad was designed to turn the iPad into a professional graphics tablet. This chart outlines the specific qualities of each apps so that you can make an informed decision between Duet Display vs Astropad! You can see a comparison of Duet Display and Air Display here duet display. Be Twice As Productive. Ex-Apple engineers turn your iOS or Android device into a high performance second display for your Mac & PC. With zero lag. Fast. Duet is built by ex-Apple engineers, delivering a retina display at 60 frames per second with zero lag. Seriously. Productive. Using an additional display can double your productivity by reducing time to switch contexts. Touch.

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If Duet's claims prove to be true, their offer becomes a much cheaper package than Astropad's pricy hardvare-software combo including a hardware accelerator Luna Display ($79.99) and yearly Astropad Studio subscription ($79.99). Right now, Duet Display is on sale at the discounted price of $9.99 (regularly $24.99). They offer two. While Duet Display and Air Display are primarily intended to use your iPad as a second monitor, Astropad was designed to turn the iPad into a professional graphics tablet. The chart below outlines the specific qualities of each program so that you can make an informed decision! DUET DISPLAY PRO. AIR DISPLAY 3. ASTROPAD STUDIO. Works with Mac. Duet Display has responded to the challenge by making the feature work with Android tablets in addition to Apple's iPads. The latest update of Luna Display, version 4.0, now brings the ability to use a second and/or older Mac as a secondary display. Luna Display calls this the Mac-to-Mac mode. Apple's in-house solution only works with macOS. Luna Display. 2.6K likes · 4 talking about this. Luna Display for Windows Now Live on Kickstarter! We've moved → follow Astropad for the latest news & product updates

Once your Luna Display is inserted into your computer, you will need to open a dedicated Luna Display app on your computer and your iPad. As soon as the applications are running, you're good to go. Luna Display for Windows requires Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, Build 1809 or later. It requires an Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support that. iDisplay Desktop für Windows 8/10 v3.1.2 Englisch: Mit iDisplay Desktop können Sie Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet als Zweit-Bildschirm für den Windows-PC verwenden

Luna Display ist eine Entwicklung von den Machern der iOS-App Astropad.Mithilfe dieses kleinen Steckers lässt sich ein iPad als Zusatzbildschirm für den Mac nutzen. Nachdem zunächst alle. The duet drivers cause my Mac to crash, shutdown unexpectedly, and stop pushing a signal to all displays randomly. I struggled with it for years, but in the end it just wasn't worth it for me and I stopped using it months ago when Apple announced Sidecar. It turns out that Sidecar isn't supported on my Mac, so now I'm SOL. If Luna is the product that uses a dongle to in a display port, I. Duet Display has responded to the challenge by making the feature work with Android tablets in addition to Apple's iPads. The latest update of Luna Display, version 4.0, now brings the ability to use a second and/or older Mac as a secondary display. Luna Display calls this the Mac-to-Mac mode

Both Luna Display and Duet Display offer slight differences compared to Apple's Sidecar platform. For instance, Duet Display works with a wide array of older Macs, while Sidecar is limited to. Luna Display, however, is built to fit around pro creative workflows. If you have basic needs, Apple's Sidecar may do the trick. But if you're a pro, we've built Luna Display to fit around. Duet Display Pro vs EasyCanvas 1. Pricing Model. Winner: EasyCanvas. This one's an EasyCanvas victory, hands-down. Duet Display tries to fob off drawing support and stylus pressure sensitivity as 'Pro value additions that command an additional yearly subscription cost. EasyCanvas simply does all this for free after purchasing the app Duet Display vs Sidecar. 1. Android as an Extended Display. While both Duet Display and Sidecar support wireless and the wired connectivity, but as of now, Sidecar is only available on the latest iPad OS (not even iOS). Duet Display, on the other hand, supports Android, iOS, and iPadOS. In fact, it's not just limited to Android smartphones, you can also turn your Android tablet or Chromebook. Duet Display. Entwickler: Duet, Inc. Preis: 10,99 € Das neue Projekt Luna Display von Astro HQ funktioniert hingegen drahtlos - soll aber dennoch selbst die Leistungsfähigkeit von Duet.

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Makers of Astropad Studio and Luna Display. Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet with Astropad Studio. Extend your Mac display to any iPad or Mac with Luna Display I have a SP7 i5 128 GB and found out recently that i could use my ipad as a second external display. Has anyone tried running Xdisplay or Duet on Luna Display is the perfect hardware companion for Astropad. While Astropad by itself mirrors your main display, Luna extends your Mac display. When you use Astropad and Luna together, they turn your iPad into a second display that also works as a graphics tablet. Setting up your workspace with Astropad and Luna Display Getting started is easy — all [ I have only started using Luna Display for less than an hour, and I can already say that it's the best second display app by far (over Duet Display I have used for more than a year). The quality of the screen is amazing especially for the Retina resolution. It's so, so crisp . Text and photos look amazing on Luna Display. When content. Duet tried for a while and had to resort to subscription. It's definitely frustrating. I'd love something like Tablet Pro but on iOS, where you could use Sidecar, then just pay $30 for replacing the sidebar. Comment T. torncanvas macrumors regular. Feb 14, 2006 120 71. Nov 21, 2020 #33 Oh I guess one more thing. Technically Luna Display is a one time purchase, assuming you only need to.

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Luna Display hat vorgelegt, jetzt zieht Duet nach: Mit der neuen Version von Duet Air lässt sich ein Mac zum Zweitbildschirm eines Computers aus Cupertino umfunktionieren. Außerdem haben die Entwickler der App eine weiteres Feature spendiert luna display for windows. Thousands of people around the world have already tapped into the magic of Luna Display for Mac. Now, we're bringing that same magic to Windows. Luna wirelessly extends your desktop from Mac or PC to iPad, so you can have untethered productivity. Take your workflow with you wherever you want — from home, to the office, and everywhere in between. Preorder Now. Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk Extend your Display to your iPad Showdown - Air Display Vs. Duet Display. Speed Comparisons: A tie. When connected directly to my Mac with a charging cable, both programs presented the graphics.

If you are constantly on the move or simply prefer wireless technology over wired connections, we offer Duet Air - this will turn your iPad into a lightning-fast wireless second display and also offers a remote desktop connection so that you can get things done from anywhere around the world as long as you have internet connection. This in-app subscription is optional and has a price of $19. In the early battle between Apple's new Sidecar and Duet Display, they are both winners that are looking to attract different types of users. Stock up! Anker's USB-C to Lightning cable is just $13. Forums; Shop; Toggle Search. iPhone 12 Best VPN iOS 14 Nintendo Switch AirPods Pro Extending your reach macOS Catalina: Apple Sidecar vs Duet Display Largely, the choice comes down to the type of. Thousands of people around the world have already tapped into the magic of Luna Display for Mac. Now, we're bringing that same magic to Windows. Luna wirelessly extends your desktop from Mac or PC to iPad, so you can have untethered productivity. Join the waitlist to be one of the first to know when we launch Duet nutzt 256-Bit-Verschlüsselung und arbeitet vollständig vor Ort, wodurch Ihre Display-Daten stets gesichert sind. Großartiger Kundendienst Falls Sie Fragen haben, antwortet Ihnen das Team des Duet-Kundendienstes rund um die Uhr (durchschnittlich innerhalb von zwei Stunden)

MSI Duet Display is an cross platform application that allows windows PC to link with iOS device, and enables the touchOS on iOS devices. Aside from that the screen capture feature display user's key information in main display on to the second screen t On Windows these settings are shown in the Duet PC app in your system tray. Regular vs. Retina vs. High Resolution. Regular resolution uses the lowest CPU. It is perfect for most use cases and puts almost no stress on your computer (between 15-25% for active use). If you either want more space or very sharp retina resolution, you should use retina or high resolution. However, the display has. Luna Display, on the other hand, is compatible with computers going back to 2011, even if they're still on macOS 10.11 El Capitan. Duet Display feels the heat too. Astro HQ isn't the only. Luna vs. the Competition. Circling back to the iPad, potential Luna Display purchasers should ask: Do I really need this thing? If you are using Web-oriented apps like Gmail and Slack, perhaps not, since you can just install the iOS versions on your iPad, and save yourself the expense of a fancy dongle. Put the iPad next to your Mac, and you're good to go. With a Bluetooth keyboard. Duet Air Gains New Feature That Lets You Use a Mac or PC as a Secondary Display . Thursday November 21, 2019 11:00 AM PST by Juli Clover. Apple in macOS Catalina introduced a new Sidecar feature.

Luna Display, the little hardware dongle that turns your iPad into a second display, is now available to consumers.Luna Display was developed by the makers of the Astropad, an iOS app that turns your iPad into a graphics tablet for the Mac, and started out as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.. Luna is available for USB-C or Mini DisplayPort and works through a Wi-Fi connection Wacom Intuos vs Astropad/Duet Display with iPad Pro 9.7+pen. I already have an iPad pro 9.7 and an apple pencil. How does the Intuos compare to that set up for photoshop? Should I pay the duet pro license/astropad or get an intuos and use that for photoshop? Thanks! 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be. The Duet is compatible with macOS Catalina, iOS 13, and Windows 10. Its full-color OLED display makes it easy for users to track and adjust their inputs in real-time. It uses a USB 2.0 to send high-speed messages to Mac and Windows PCs. Users can also use lighting and 30-pin cables to form a direct digital connection between iPad and iOS. Air Display is a freeware desktop extender software download filed under iphone tools and made available by AVATRON SOFTWARE for Windows. The review for Air Display has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below. Use your iPhone as a second desktop . Air Display turns your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad into a second. With Luna/Duet, you connect over Wifi, so you're not constrained by a relatively small BT range. My use case (niche I realise): I have a Mac Mini and use Luna Display to turn the iPad into a sort-of MacBook when needed if I'm not at my desk

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Jan 28, 2020 - Hey guys! I have been on the hunt for an alternative for Luna Display because of price. Been using Duet Display for a few months now and for the price it is.. Duet Display is currently on sale for $10 (regularly $25) and also offers a subscription option from $2/month. Luna Display runs $80 for its hardware based solution. We are excited to announce a.

The makers of Duet Display and Luna on life after Apple's

https://ift.tt/2FZ4l4E. Actions. techopro attached no_image_card.png to Duet Display 2 uses hardware acceleration to catch up with Luna Display I was hoping this would be a possibility, and was following Luna and Duet display, but both needed an extra screen at boot up, With Luna this makes it almost like OSX for iPad . Reactions: AutomaticApple and rem2. Comment gatorknight904 macrumors 6502a. Jul 24, 2011 556 502 Dallas/Ft. Worth. Nov 14, 2018 #7 The JTizzle said: Been using Luna on my pro for a week now and I love it. Click to.

Luna Display final thoughts. Astro HQ Luna Display is the best solution we've found for using an iPad as a second screen for a Mac. Images appear on the tablet's screen very nearly as fast as. Duet Display can work with iPads dating from as far back as 2012. This makes a good case for using Duet Display in a reclamation project for an old tablet you no longer use regularly. It also. Duet Display actually screwed up my display settings on my laptop, I had to do a system restore to before I installed it. It installs display drivers that don't get uninstalled even after you remove DD. Odd things happened like locked windows explorer windows, they looked like they always were refreshing. On the iPad side, it looked like it worked well, but I would be cautious about installing.

Explore frequently asked questions to learn more about how to use Duet on either your Mac, PC, iOS, or Android devices. Loading... duet. Android Windows iOS macOS. Duet is set to mirror and I want to switch to extend desktop . Home Help Center FAQ. Windows. The easiest way to either mirror or extend your PC's display is by pressing the combination of the Windows logo key + P. To mirror your. Luna/Duet 和 macOS 屏幕管理器技术解析 . Luv Letter . 苹果产品话题下的优秀答主. 96 人 赞同了该文章. 前些年经常看到某些 iPad Pro 用户拿出 Duet Display 装逼. 但是让我看不懂的是 MacBook 已经风扇飞起, 续航从 7h 掉到 3h, 然而那个第二块屏幕仅仅只有 1024*768 外加各种压缩的画质... 这样的东西除了装逼到底. https://ift.tt/2G3kztH. Actions. techopro attached no_image_card.png to Duet Display 2 uses hardware acceleration to catch up with Luna Display Jun 8, 2019 - Of all of the WWDC announcements this week, Sidecar got me the most excited. I'm on the road a lot these days, and apps like Duet and Luna have been lifesavers. They've afforded me the ability to carry around a reasonably sized laptop, with an optional second screen in the form of the iPad. Both [

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アップデート:Duet DisplayがLuna Displayについてこう言っている: To be clear, it's not catch up. We are faster, entirely in software & cost nearly 10 times less, so more like. Duets are a feature that debuted in Just Dance 2and has returned in all of the following games ever since. 1 Just Dance 2 1.1 Duets 1.2 Downloadable Duets 1.3 Gallery 2 Just Dance Wii 2.1 Gallery 3 Just Dance 3 3.1 Duets 3.2 Unlockable Duets 3.3 Duet Mashups 3.4 Downloadable Content 3.5 Gallery 4 ABBA: You Can Dance 4.1 Gallery 5 Just Dance Wii 2 5.1 Gallery 6 Just Dance 4 6.1 Duets 6.2. In June, Luna Display creator Astropad wrote a blog post titled, Why Getting Sherlocked by Apple Was a Blessing in Disguise. It arrived on the one-year anniversary of Apple's launch of. 以上の通り、Luna Displayはハードウェアドングル(アダプター)によりMacに仮想ディスプレイを認識させることで、GPUアクセレーターとHiDPIの両方を可能にしており、Duet DisplayもMacBookやiMacのようなBuild-inディスプレイを搭載したMacならばそれなりの機能を発揮できると思われますが If you are not familiar, Duet Display allows your iPad to be used as a second monitor, supposedly meant for art. It's basically Astropad for Windows, with far diminished functionality. The app lags horribly with Photoshop CC 2018, the rendering entire point of the app pretty much useless. I purchased the app a couple months ago, downloaded it to my PC, and gave it a whirl. It was horribly.

Luna Display im Test: So wird das iPad zum Mac Mac Lif

Duet 2 boards with RepRapFirmware 3 installed will have a sticker indicating this (with a QR code that links here). CAUTION There are guides and tutorials in this documentation and in many other locations on the internet that show how to set up a particular printer or accomplish a particular task using RepRapFirmware 2. Often these will still be useful for RepRapFirmware 3; however many. 有买过 Duet Display 做扩展屏的 V 友吗,内置的 Pro 是否值得继续订阅 lyusantu · 2019-01-14 09:35:18 +08:00 · 6523 次点击. 这是一个创建于 775 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。 DUET; display; Pro; 订阅. 33 条回复 • 2019-01-15 14:34:48 +08:00 1. wangdk23411 2019-01-14 10:04:09 +08:00. 不画画还是算了 2.

Sidecar vs Luna Display : quand Apple se fait sherlockerSouth Haven Tribune - Schools, Education3t3n Artikel über MULTIMEDIA kreativ-design | t3n Firmen

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อุปกรณ์ Luna Display มีให้เลือกทั้งแบบ USB-C และ Mini Display Port ราคา $79.99 USD (~2,500 บาท ถ้าใครจะสั่งลองใช้โค้ด APPSTORIES ลดได้ 10%) แอปบน Mac ดาวน์โหลดฟร Luna Display offers a slick way to extend your MacBook display with iPad. Now, the company put the Mac mini to the test to see how the new iPad Pro would be as a wireless touchscreen display for.

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Duet Display 2 uses hardware acceleration to catch up with

Help us bring Luna Display and Astropad to Windows We want to hear from you! As we embark on our cross-platform journey, help us understand your unique workflow so we can build an experience that works for you. This survey moves along quickly and your answers will remain anonymous. For questions or concerns, please email support@astro-hq.co So nutzen Sie Ihr iPad als externen Bildschirm am Windows-PC oder Mac Lesezeit: 2 Minuten Spätestens, seitdem die neueren iPad Pro-Modelle mit einer großzügigen Bildschirm-Diagonale von 10,5 bzw. 12,9 Zoll ausgeliefert werden, ist es ein Leichtes, diese auch als externen Bildschirm an einem Windows-PC oder einen Mac zu betreiben Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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A BLOG ABOUT WEB, INTERNET, SOCIAL-NETWORKS, BROWSING TIPS, WINDOWS, LINUX, BLOGGING Für eine bequeme, einhändige Bedienung lässt sich die Kamera-Schaltfläche auf dem Display verschieben, sodass Sie jederzeit ein Foto schießen können - egal, ob Sie die richtige Pose oder den perfekten Hintergrund suchen. *Die folgenden Bilder dienen nur zu Demonstrationszwecken. Bilder, die tatsächlich mit dem Galaxy J3 (2017) DUOS aufgenommen wurden, können anders ausfallen. Auf jedem. Luna Displayの素晴らしい点は、ワイヤレス接続にもかかわらず画質でDuet Displayに勝っているということだ。誤解のないように言うと、Duet Displayも.

Das iPad als Zweitmonitor am Mac und Windows-PC - Macwel

In der täglichen Anwendung sieht man die vielen kleinen und großen Vorteile im Vergleich zu einem herkömmlichen Plissee. Dafür sorgt die DUETTE® Wabenstruktur - und die macht den Unterschied. DUETTE® Wabenstruktur. Durch die DUETTE® Wabenstruktur und das natürliche Luftpolster, das zwischen DUETTE® Wabenplissee und dem Glas entsteht, wird das Raumklima deutlich und spürbar. Lunatone - Kompetenz und Leidenschaft für neue Technologien und zukunftweisende Entwicklungen.Die Kompetenzen liegen in den Bereichen elektronische Informationstechnik, Leistungselektronik, Gerätedesign, mechanische Konstruktion und Softwareentwicklung luna displayは 有線接続 にも対応しています。 Wi-Fi が利用できない環境では USB を接続すれば、セカンドディスプレイとして使用可能です。 年内にWindows用のluna displayが発売される予定なので、Windows勢は期待大ですね。 duet display まず、Duet DisplayとLIQUID v3.0へアップデートする前のAstropadとLuna Displayの比較で、iPad Pro上の表示がMacBook Proの表示から1マス遅れると60分の1フレーム秒なので約16.7msの遅延になり、上の動画ではDuet Displayが最も遅延が大きく、AstroBlogのグラフの通り、約90msの遅延と大量のフレームスキップが発生し.

- Extend Display by AirPlay, makes Yam Display use AirPlay to extend display in macOS Mojave. Improves performance for high resolutions. - Enable Air Mode, enables wireless connection from Yam Air. On your iPad/iPhone: Touch Gestures - One finger tap to click. - One finger (or two fingers) slide to scroll. - One finger long press and slide to drag. - One finger double tap to double. Duet Display ya soporta el Apple Pencil. Ésta aplicación se ha actualizado trayendo consigo una novedad interesante. Y es que a partir de ahora, Duet Display soportará el Apple Pencil en tu iPad Pro (aunque esto tendrá un coste adicional de $20/año. Más información → Espero que esta utilidad te resulte interesante Un abrazo, Javi. Acerca de Javier Cristobal. Aeronáutico, blogger. Duet display on the app store. Using ipad pro as a drawing tablet | for pc or mac | 4k. How to turn your ipad pro into a wacom bamboo graphics tablet. First look: astropad turns your ipad into a graphics tablet for your mac. Astropad studio vs duet pro: which second-screen drawing tablet. Luna display hardware that turns the ipad into a wireless second. Musique francaise download 24 ctu. Bei Displays, die ein Touch-Funktion besitzen, kann der Effekt meist nicht gezeigt werden, da hier über dem eigentlichen Display noch weitere Schichten verbaut sind, die die Polarisation des Lichtes aufheben. Flüssigkristalle. Liquid Crystals, also Flüssigkristalle, sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil von LCDs. Flüssigkristalle sind fast transparente Stoffe, die einige Eigenschaften von. iPadにMacの画面を映し出し、擬似的にタッチディスプレイ対応macOSにしてくれる「Astropad」を開発しているAstropad HQは8月22日、iPadをワイヤレスでサブディスプレイ化するアダプタ「Luna Display」を発表した。特徴はGPUのサポートと完全ワイヤレス化の実現

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